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Vida Bed Pad 70 x 90cm Maxi

£18.33 Ex VAT


Vida Bed Pad 70 x 90cm Maxi

The Vida washable bed pads are a lightweight and machine washable pad that protects against incontinence while you sleep.

The pad contains five layers of material to quickly absorb and lock liquid inside.

The top layer keeps you dry, while the lower layer is waterproof to ensure your furniture is protected.

This machine washable product means it can be reused whenever needed to protect.

Available Colours: Pink

£18.33 ex VAT £22.00 inc. VAT

Vida Bed Pad 70 x 90cm Maxi

Key Features

  • Lightweight and machine washable.
  • Reusable bed pads.
  • Absorbs liquid.
  • Waterproof to protect furniture.
Vida Bed Pad 70 x 90cm Maxi



Manufacturer / Model: Able 2
Nett Weight:
Length: 70cm
Width: 90cm
Vida Bed Pad 70 x 90cm Maxi

VAT Exemption

REMEMBER! If you have a registered disability, you don’t pay the VAT.

Vida Bed Pad 70 x 90cm Maxi


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