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Silvalea Spica Sling

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Silvalea Spica Sling

A divided leg lateral transfer sling with hinged back section for raising/lowering patient back position as required. Manufactured with a removable torso supporting plastic back board.

The Spica sling was initially designed and developed for use with those patients who have a Spica hip cast, however is now widely used in orthopaedic departments for patients with a range of orthopaedic surgeries and provision can be made for a stabilising broomstick.

Featuring comfortable padding throughout, a wipeable, Dartex lining and supplied with removable neck roll and waist support. All tapes are fully adjustable.

Available in one material type:

Polyester and Dartex:

  • Easy application
  • Glides and slides smoothly
  • Dries quickly after washing
  • (Dartex lining)

Sizes available:

  • X Small
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large

Please call for a quote.

Silvalea Spica Sling

Key Features

  • Loop fixing spreader bar
  • Support type: Full body, head and leg
  • Lift type: Passive, active and extensive
  • Weight limit: 220kg (35 stone)

User physicality:

  • Active alert and able to participate
  • Chronic pain
  • Limited body control
  • Limited head trunk and hip control
  • Limited mobility
Silvalea Spica Sling



Manufacturer / Model: Silvalea
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Silvalea Spica Sling

VAT Exemption

REMEMBER! If you have a registered disability, you don’t pay the VAT.

Silvalea Spica Sling


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