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Oxford Calibre Hoist

£5,899.95 Ex VAT

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Oxford Calibre Hoist

The Oxford Calibre Mobile Hoist is an exquisite piece of care equipment that is ideal for improving the mobility of bariatric users

Available Colours: White

£5899.95  ex VAT £7079.94 inc. VAT

Oxford Calibre Hoist

Key Features

  • With a huge lifting capacity of 385 kgs (60st), the Oxford Calibre Mobile Hoist performs general transfer tasks brilliantly in both domestic and professional healthcare environments.
  • Its simple and effective design means that the Oxford Calibre Mobile Hoist preserves the comfort and safety of both the user and carer as much as possible.
  • By the implementation of safety features and ergonomic design details, even complex transfers are made much easier and swifter with the minimum of fuss.
  • Powered leg placement keeps the user steady and ensures the carer of their security.
  • The electric movement is powered by a battery pack that is supplied along with a UK charger.
  • Possible applications include toileting, dressing and transfer between a chair and a bed.
  • This shows the flexible and powerful nature of the Oxford Calibre Mobile Hoist; practicality that translates brilliantly to the modern care environment.
Oxford Calibre Hoist



Manufacturer / Model: Oxford Calibre Hoist
Nett Weight:
Length: 62.5cm
Width: 140cm
Height: 225cm
Oxford Calibre Hoist

VAT Exemption

REMEMBER! If you have a registered disability, you don’t pay the VAT.

Oxford Calibre Hoist


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