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Perching Stool

£89.95 Ex VAT


Perching Stool

This multipurpose angled stool is designed to make sitting and getting up much easier for you. It helps you get closer to the worktops and sinks. The removable armrests are width adjustable and for ease of use there is a push button height adjustment.

£89.95 ex VAT £107.94 inc. VAT

Perching Stool

Key Features

  • Allows close access to bathroom basins/work surfaces e.g. kitchen worktops
  • Range of models available with varying levels of support – tubular arms/backrests, padded arms/backrests etc
  • Manufactured in high grade steel for sturdy stability and coated with Duradip® peel proof, rust resistant plastic for durability
  • Models easily adjust in height with e-clips to accommodate different users and all have front to back bracing struts for additional strength
  • Splayed legs provide additional stability
  • Substantial seating area offers good support and is angled for improved posture and ease of standing
  • Padded upholstery are made from foam covered with heat sealed PVC for comfort, are waterproof and easy to wipe clean
  • All conform to required fire regulations
Perching Stool



Manufacturer / Model: Able 2
Nett Weight: 6kg
Width: 43cm
Height: 43cm
Perching Stool

VAT Exemption

REMEMBER! If you have a registered disability, you don’t pay the VAT.

Perching Stool


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