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Motion Healthcare Elev8 Lift

£795.00 Ex VAT


Motion Healthcare Elev8 Lift

Elev8 Hoist helps you to load and unload your mobility scooter or powerchair from your car. It is a fantastic solution for those who want to take their mobility scooter or powerchair with them on car journeys but find it difficult to get it in their car. The Elev8 Hoist doesn’t need to be fitted to your car, and can be used with any vehicle which can fit your mobility scooter or powerchair in.

The hoist is lightweight at 10kg, making it easy to move around. To use it simply plug in your scooter/powerchair, and with a press of a button the hoist will lift to boot level. To ensure your scooter/powerchair is secure there is two safety straps, stabilising legs, and lockable castors. This will prevent any chance of the hoist accidently moving around. The Elev8 Hoist can hold up to 50kg.

£595.00 ex VAT  £714.00 inc. VAT

Motion Healthcare Elev8 Lift

Key Features

  • Lifts up to 50kg to car boot level
  • Easy solution to getting your scooter or powerchair in and out of your car
  • Doesn’t need to be fitted to your car
  • Includes two safety straps, stabilising legs and lockable castors to keep your scooter or powerchair secure
  • Lightweight at 10kg
  • Highly cost-effective solution for those that don’t want a permanently fixed hoist
  • Perfect for those that have difficulty lifting their Scooter into the car boot
  • Impressive lifting capacity
  • Ideal for all Folding Mobility Scooters
  • Simply plug into your Scooter or Powerchair
  • Easy to use hand control raises and lowers
  • Offers an exceptionally stable base during use
Motion Healthcare Elev8 Lift



Manufacturer / Model: Motion Healthcare
Nett Weight: 10kg
Power: 5Ah
Length: 75cm
Width: 48cm
Height: 91cm
Motion Healthcare Elev8 Lift

VAT Exemption

 REMEMBER! If you have a registered disability, you don’t pay the VAT.

Motion Healthcare Elev8 Lift


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