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Gel Grip Walking Stick

£24.99 Ex VAT

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Gel Grip Walking Stick

Walking canes that mix support with style are hard to come by, particularly those that suit your personal taste. This Folding Walking Stick with Gel Grip Handle strikes a perfect balance between sleek design and comfortable support.

While the Black Folding Walking Stick is stylish, it’s also an extremely functional item. With its ability to fold into four sections and its soft, gel grip handle, you’ll be at ease when you’re taking the stick around town with you. Its folding design is suitable for easy transport and storage, while its soft handle greatly reduces stress on your grip.

Available Colours: A range of colours and patterns

£24.99 ex VAT  £29.99 inc. VAT

Gel Grip Walking Stick

Key Features

  • New gel grip reduces hand stress and fatigue
  • Folds into 4 convenient parts for easy storage
  • Fantastic gel grip handle
  • Maximum user weight 115 kg
Gel Grip Walking Stick



Manufacturer / Model:
Nett Weight:
Length: 84-99cm
Gel Grip Walking Stick

VAT Exemption

 REMEMBER! If you have a registered disability, you don’t pay the VAT.

Gel Grip Walking Stick


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